Attractions in Florida

Florida is America’s most south-eastern state and has some amazing attractions. ┬áHosting a variety of cultures and ethnicities, Florida is also one of the US’s biggest states. It is located between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. It is famous for offering amusements parks with some of the broadest selection of theme parks, zoos, aquariums among other attractions. It also has lost art galleries, restaurants, museums and historical sights. Wildlife lovers will find refuge, in the states multiple-barrier reefs and the vast subtropical wilderness of the everglades. Florida’s swamplands, on the other hand, provides a chance to witness sea turtles when nesting. Vacation travel agencies can always help you travel to Florida, especially if it’s your first time visiting the state. Online review sites such as ReviewsBird GB will help you with reviews of reputable places to visit in Florida. This articles also offers some attractions in Florida.

1.Walt Disney World

Of all attractions in Florida, Walt Disney World is the most popular. It is a gigantic amusement park giving a sample of the globally adored Disney magic. Almost all age groups from children, to adults and families, have something that they will enjoy at Walt Disney World. For grown-ups thrill rides such as the legendary mountain will be of interest, kids, on the other hand, will get the chance of encountering all their favourite Disney characters. Guest can skip queues on specific rides, through Walt Disney’s world free and interesting Fastpass plus system. You can also check out tickets to this theme park at FloridaTix.

2.The Kennedy space centre.

This is one of the fascinating and exciting educational attraction in Florida. It is situated in the state’s space Coast and features a big complex in which the historic space exploration transpired. A visit to Kennedy’s space Centerville will have you see the space shuttle Atlantis, meet astronauts, see rockets and learn more about space missions. The Kennedy space centre visitor complex is separated into mission regions, featuring interactive exhibits’ and interesting displays on certain themes. The displays are made to fit all ages, ensuring that it engages adults, children and families. To visit facilities with restricted access to the public, as well as restricted areas, the behind the Gates Kennedy space Centre bus tour will take you here. You can visit this centre while having a day trip to Orlando as it’s only about thirty minutes away on days with no traffic.

3.Everglades National Park

The Everglades National Park offers protection to more than a million acres of swabs and marsh. This fragile yet vital ecosystem supports American crocodiles, deer’s, Florida panthers, alligators, egrets, turtles, river otters, manatees and multiple other species. It is one of America’s biggest parks. The park has a side yet shallow river flowing from Lake Okeechobee to the Bay of Florida. The river’s bottom is covered with porous limestone above a bedrock base known as the Tamiami foundation. It is the main water reservoir of southern Florida. By having airboat rides, one can have a glimpse of Everglades and alligators among other wildlife.

4.Universal studios

Located in Orlando, Universal Studios offers many visitors a great experience. It is a vast amusement park that offers various recreated sets based on popular movies and fantastic rides. It is one of the best places that a family with teenage children can choose to visit. This will have the children witness 4D and 3D simulator rides, wild and wet rides and thrill rides. Another impressive and popular attraction in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, in which one can board Hogwarts express and roam through Hogsmeade village.

5.Miami Beach

Situated on an island connected to mainland Florida by a sequence of bridges which you’ll find fun to visit. It is known for having an art deco beachside building picture-perfect golden sand. There’s a wide variety of hotels and restaurants running along the beach ocean drive and famous with visitors.

6.Daytona 500

This is a legendary race and broadly considered one of the most vital in the NASCAR cup series. It is held at the Daytona National Speedway and symbolizes the start of the racing season in February. Before the year 1958 when speedway was built, races were held traditionally at the Daytona Beach.

In conclusion, Florida is a destination worth exploring. However, it may be hard for those travelling for their first time to know which Florida attraction to go for. With this article, they need not worry as some of Florida’s best travel destinations have been explored.