Trekking Himalayas – A Journey to Heaven

An expedition towards the high-end of Himalayas is just like following the path to Heaven. None of us can deny to have spend childhood without hearing fairy tales, which says that God reside in the unending sky. Our religious scripture has also highlighted great Saints, who have spend their time in the icy peaks of […]

Hiking the Bibbulmun Track, Australia

Southwest Australia is one of the worlds 25 biodiversity hotspots and this walk will take you through many of the habitats that make this region so spectacular and world renowned. The entire walk takes six to eight weeks to complete or can be done in shorter stages and is exclusively for walkers only, if you […]

Best Hiking/Biking Trails in VenturaCountyWest

Spring offers some of the best weather in Southern California and with the spring-break crowds back in school, the perfect time for an “outdoorsy” weekend getaway. Some of the most scenic, yet easy-to-get-to hiking and biking trails in California are found in VenturaCountyWest. Start a relaxing bicycle or hiking adventure at the mouth of the […]

Hiking Experience

To have an enjoyable hiking experience, you need to prepare adequately to make sure that you have all you need for your expedition before embarking on it. Furthermore, there are some precautionary measures that you can take to make sure that you are safe all through the hiking duration. It is advisable to hike in […]

Hiking Tips And Tricks For Success

Hiking is a wonderful hobby for millions of people. It is great exercise and allows you to train yourself in the art of perseverance in the wild. The effect is a healthy mind and body. In order to enjoy hiking, you must be prepared. Going hiking unprepared is an invitation for disaster. • Know the […]

5 Tips For Hiking

1. A GOOD MAP STUDY – Start your trip weeks or days prior to hitting the trail. You don’t have to have an exact grid coordinates for where you will camp, but knowing the general area will make the entire trip easier and more comfortable. Buying large general maps and detailed topographic maps of the […]